Treatr Web App

An App that allows users to purchase multiple services like grocery, personal services, taxi, hotel etc. During the checkout process, users should be able to enter a promo code that gives them some discount or incentives. These promo codes are created and managed by the customer.

Treatr Services



Native application (web app) development on PHP and HTML with bootstrap

Development of HTML5 with Mobile Responsive

browser compatibility for all mobiles, tabs, Ipad



Descriptive Analytics - Data summarization, Reports, Charts, Graphs

Data Visualization development using Google Charts, Flot Charts, Raphael

Diagnostic Analytics - Develop Custom Drill-downs, Query & Search Tools

Real-time Analytics - Create Dashboards, Perform Streaming Analytics and Complex Event Processing



Develop scalable, secure, high-performance and high-availability Web Apps & REST Web Services

Specialize in Full Javascript, JQuery

Responsive Web Applications using Bootstrap or Foundation

Expertise in work with LAMP, WAMP & MEAN stacks

Work with both SQL Databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server)

Experience in Amazon (EC2, RDS, Redis/Memcached), Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure

Treatr Features