Network Staff Engineer & Architect

Position Profile – Networking Staff Engineer & Architect

 Networking Staff Engineer- Grade 6-7

                       Architect- Grade 8

Location: Bangalore/Mysore


Deep expertise in networking technologies across the communication stack. Strong technical skills in Network Design, Management, and knowledge of Network Protocols

Responsibility and Accountability 

1. Ability to guide on network infrastructure, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and cloud-based networks for a wide variety of enterprise applications 

2. Developing and maintaining network security policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure the protection of sensitive information and the integrity of the network.

3. Conducting regular network performance evaluations and making recommendations for improvement and optimization.

4. Ensuring that network architecture is scalable and able to meet the customer's future needs and growth.

5. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including IT, security, and business teams, to understand the customer's network requirements and develop solutions to meet those requirements.

6.Staying current with the latest network technologies and industry trends and making recommendations for new technologies and tools to improve network performance and security.

7. Providing guidance and direction to network administrators, engineers, and other technical staff to ensure that the network is implemented and maintained correctly.

Must Have

  • Minimum 8-15 years of experience as Staff Engineer.
  • Experience with cloud-based network solutions (includes networking in hybrid and multi-cloud environments) and virtualization.
  • Working experience with routing, switching, LAN, VPN, firewall as well as networking with Wireless, 3G/4G/5G, Zigbee, BTE, BLE etc.
  • Strong understanding of network security protocols, intrusion detection and prevention, and VPN.
  • Real world experience implementing networking solutions in large scale enterprise solutions in media, industrial applications, medical and automotive domains.


Good to Have

  • Knowledge of upcoming protocols for Web 3.0.

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