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We have collated a summary of frequently asked questions that you may want to ask, before engaging with us.

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How long does it take to hire?

As little as 2 weeks. Some niche technologies can take slightly more time.

How much does it cost?

You save literally 30-50% depending on the resources and the duration. The costs are calculated per hour and you are billed on actuals. NO overheads or Payroll costs. Depending on your specific requirement we can immediately share with you the per hour cost.

Where are you located?

Most of our team is located in the Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore. We have offices in Bangalore India and a Sales and Marketing team in Irvine, California.

If there is a conflict how does it get settled?

In our 8 years of existence we have never had a conflict with any of our clients. However, the SoW will cover the jurisdiction and process of conflict mitigation clearly.

What are the options of Legal recourse?

While we have never had to face this situation in 08 years, the SoW will clearly cover the Legal Jurisdiction of the agreement.

What is the Notice period ?

One Week

What technologies can you help with?

Almost all the technologies ranging from Front-end, Backend, Database, DevOps, QA, Mobile etc.

What if I do not like the person assigned to me?

We have a robust accountability and overseeing system in place. We will come to know before you if a candidate is not an ideal fit. In that case we will replace the candidate with another within 2 weeks. Of Course the new candidate will be approved by you before we replace him/her.

How do the time zones work ? PST and IST ?

We will ensure that the candidates are available for at least 2 hours in the US time zones.

What if I want the person to come to my office ...at least in the beginning ?

We can discuss this more.

What could go wrong in this type of engagement ?

In our experience the most common thing which can go wrong are:-

  • Communication
  • Company culture fit
  • Technical competence
  • Timely deliverables

Out time tested processes have been built to mitigate the potential risks of these issues affecting the relationship. That is why we provide a Senior and extremely competent Program Manager who ensures that the above issues are addressed.

What do I need to do internally to prepare for this type of process ?

Some of the measures which can be taken are

  • Preparation and promulgation of
    • Engagement matrix
    • RACI matrix
    • Escalation matrix

How do we control the quality and outcome ?

We control the quality and outcome by ensuring a strict process of internal audit and accountability of allocated resources. Our COO and Program Managers ensure daily monitoring of the developers.

What is the Minimum commitment ?

While we do not prescribe a minimum period of commitment, in our experience any commitment below 3 months will make it difficult for us to assess the progress

What if I start and later want to pull back and shift it internally?

You can do that at any point of the engagement and will facilitate the process.

How old is your company?

We are 8 years old as a company. But our leadership has more than 30 years of experience each.

What if you do not deliver what you promised?

We have a robust system in which the overseeing team attends daily standups with you and also does daily review internally. Apart from these our leadership will engage with your leadership periodically to take your feedback and address shortcomings if any. With this system we should have avoided the possibility of non-deliverance. However, our engagement and escalation matrix is designed to deal with any shortfalls in the commitments made.

What if this starts growing too big? Can I take over the team?

Yes you can absorb our team if you want to do so. And we will facilitate the same.

Will the engineer assigned be dedicated to me? Or is it time shared?

Engineers assigned to you are completely dedicated. However, in case you are looking to hire resources only for a few hours in a day, then the resources may work on other projects for the remaining hours. But we will be ensuring strict protocols of non-disclosure are diligently followed.

What about IP protection and how do we ensure security?

During our initial engagement we will sign a NDA and a detailed SoW which will cover all aspects of IP protection. Each line of code we develop belongs to you. Most of our development happens on secure proprietary cloud platforms with industry level security in place.

How does communication happen?

Resources are highly proficient in using online Project Management and collaboration tools such as JIRA, Asana, Aha, Slack and Trello. These platforms ensure seamless communication and team work.

We also have a clear communication hierarchy in place for your team to interact with ours.

What kind of resources do you provide?

Resources across engineering, operations and business support. ( Link to ama slide)

What is the minimum duration resource engagement?

To begin with- we recommend at least two weeks. You can opt for short term( weekly) engagements or long term(monthly) engagements ( link to hiring process)

How long does it take for the engagement to begin?

The engagement can begin in as little as two weeks. This is typically the case when the startup is aware of their needs/ scope of the project and the resources requested are common ones like full stack/front/backend- dev ops- etc. For very specific requirements- it could take 3-4 days more to curate the profile.

What if I'm not satisfied with the output?

The entire process is designed to plug in and plug out. We will work to replace the resource immediately for you. There is an engagement manager who will have frequent check ins to ensure the resources are adhering to a certain level of quality and standard.

Will they be able to work on our time zone?

They will work towards overlapping atleast 3-4 hours of your working hours.

What kind of benefits do I need to offer to the resource?

Given that these are flexible resources there are no kinds of benefits or perks that one must offer. Apart from the monthly one day off and holidays as mandated by the national labour laws.

How does contracting and billing work?

At the beginning of our relationship we will sign NDA and Statement of Work will lay the framework for contract. The resources and the hourly billing rates will be clearly mentioned in the contract. We will raise an Invoice in the last week of the month along with the Timesheet of every resource. Typically the payments are expected to be made within 7 working days.

Are these resources based out of Bangalore?

Yes, most of the resources are based out of Bangalore.

Are these your employees or external folks?

All our employees are on our Payroll.

And if you don’t see the kind of questions you’re looking for, you can always email us at hr@purplefront.com, jobs@purplefront.com.